Steelflex Neo Vertical Knee Raise NVKR

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"Neo" comes from ancient Greek and means "young". The oval tubing of the Neo series is therefore perfectly adapted to your young and strong body.

The SteelFlex NEO series Vertical Knee Raise NVKR is the ideal equipment for an intensive workout of the abdominal muscles with minimal back strain. However, a VKR offers more than just a workout for the abdominal muscles. With this device you can also pull yourself up, perform dips, chin-ups and pull-ups, thanks to the multiple handles.

Comfortable DuraFirm™ pads and armrests reduce fatigue and discomfort allowing you to keep working on your abs and obliques.

Featuring an easy step up, comfortable DuraFirm™ padding and sturdy, stable construction, this fitness tower will enhance your strength training. The Steelflex® NVKR is suitable for both the novice and professional athlete.

  • Heavy-duty frame with oval tubing (Heavy Gauge 50 x 100 x 2.5T mm)
  • Continuous welds at all joints
  • Electrostatically applied powder coating, metallic silver
  • Ultra-thick back pad with extra back support
  • Durable double-stitched Durafirm™ upholstery (ergonomic design)
  • Multiple grips for training multiple muscle groups
  • Lat Pull-Up / Chin-Up station with easy entry
  • Chin station with multiple grip angles for more variety and better performance
  • Dipped PVC handles
  • Suitable for home and commercial use
  • Produkt: L 142 x B 116 x H 230 cm
  • Verpackung: 2 Kartons, 0,10m³
  • Nettogewicht: 65,5 kg

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